Prote Infolding

Center for Protein Folding Machinery

Protein folding is a process by which the polypeptide folds into its functional three-dimensional structure from the wasteful random coil. The Center for Protein Folding Machinery has been specifically developed for the task of stuffing this process and promoting groundbreaking research and understanding to help improve the machining and applications involved in protein folding. This centre for studying and researching the nano medicine was founded in the state of Texas and has been developed by Dr. Wah Chiu and Dr. Judith Frydman. With the advancements in medicine there is a strong need to cure diseases in as little pain and as rapidly as possible. Also there is immense stress on promoting methods to prevent diseases from ever happening, simply by shaping the proteins.

The correct three-dimensional structure is compulsory for the protein to positively function. Failure of the protein to fold into its native structure produces inactive proteins. The inactive proteins can be toxic. Center for Protein Folding Machinery not only masters in creating the three-dimensional structure but also provide comprehensive training, who wish to understand and apply the protein folding procedures to help fight diseases and make a difference in the world. The center holds various events, lectures and even produces publications to promote better understanding of such machines, bringing about the issues as well as suggested measures to minimize the effects of such issues. The center is constantly working to engineer machines that can fold proteins flawlessly, with the minimum chance possible of misfolding. The Center for Protein Folding Machinery aims to stay focused on this noble cause, promoting expertise and development to the world of medicine advancements. Perfection is our norm; a world is our goal.

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